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Is the iPod touch the PDA done properly?

I've had a Palm for years - since they were called PalmPilots in fact - and have yet to find something that's as reliable, lightweight and - well - useful. Enter stage left the iPod touch - lots of the groovy features from the much-hyped iPhone, plus it's an iPod and  - well - mine is getting on a bit....

The most interesting thing for me is the web browser which operates via wi-fi. Not sure how comfortable I'd be using it for mobile banking while out and about, but it is an interesting idea. It also isn't clear yet whether you can update the calendar and address book on the iPod and then update your main computer from it. If it does - and if the keyboard is actually useable - then I think I might have to say goodbye to the Palm - which, along with my iPod is getting on a bit.... 


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