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Spanish government launches B2B e-invoicing initiative

The Spanish government's department for telecommunications and the information society has launched an initiative to support the adoption of electronic billing by businesses and citizens. is a new internet portal launched to raise awareness of the advantages of online invoicing/e-invoicing.

Information on e-billing will be sent to over 80,000 Spanish firms, in addition to the running of an internet advertising campaign.

Agreements have been reached with e-billing solution providers for them to offer discounts on their products and services to businesses ready to implement e-billing by March 2011.

The cloud of participating organisations consists of:
- Telefonica Soluciones

- Camerfirma

- Sage,

- Edicom

- Pixelware

- Seres

- Eadtrust

- Zerocoma

- Indra Sistemas

- Microsoft

- Repsol

- Iberdrola

- Gas Nautural Fenosa

- Orange

- Ono

- Vodafone

- Cepsa

- Telefonica.

Also, collaboration agreements were signed with water, electricity, gas and telecom utilities to provide their customers with incentives to use e-billing.

According to recent national statisitics, off the 45 percent of Spanish businesses with internet connections which use B2B electronic data transmission, 51.2 percent receive e-bills and 25.1 percent send them.


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