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Sibos 2010 - Monday

Sibos 2010 is upbeat, at least on day one. We kicked off early with the first Innotribe session drawing in innovators, SWIFT and quite a following from banks and vendors.  Appropriately, it was covered quite well on Twitter. It was noticeable that there was a preponderance of dark grey suits and few flamboyant shirts or ties. The best quotation in my opinion was from Peter Hinssen on work for Generation Y being “the few hours where they have to use old technology”. This, for him is the “New Normal”.


Walking around the exhibition, there is an optimistic feel in the aisles, in contrast to Sibos in Vienna and Hong Kong. Banks and vendors appear excited by the challenges. There is a real feeling that we can solve some of the problems which have beset the industry.


On the subject of problems, the European Commission’s public hearing on the migration to SEPA – the so-called “SEPA End Date” – is set for 17th November with online registration starting on Thursday. With the European Central Bank’s lack of patience becoming apparent, it promises to be a real drama, if a set of payment schemes can be described as dramatic.


Finally, e-invoicing continues to divide audiences, even those who opted to sit in the session on e-invoicing as opposed to the excellent session on SEPA from Ruth Wandhöfer and Simon Newstead. Red and green voting cards signified agreement with or opposition to propositions – presumably difficult to use for those who are red-green colour-blind. And maybe that’s the problem: we’re not thinking of the user.


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