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Financial services getting right for once

28 September 2010  |  4118 views  |  0

Close Asset Management UK are the latest fund manager to use the EMX Message System now fully integrated within Euroclear. The links to Fund Settle provide a real international settlment solution for the long standing problems in the funds operation.

I have been tracking EMXCO since its inauguration all those years ago and despite having to overcome massive problems the light is shining bright at the end of the tunnel. Well done EMXCO people for sticking with this business and producing a great solution.

Now they are part of Euroclear its only a matter of time before the whole investment fund industry consolidates and we finally see the ineficiences risks and huge costs driven out for good. Fund Settle links are clearly going to be a major factor in the end game and well done Euroclear for seeing a strategy that many experts in the industry did not or doubted

I have been accused in the past of being to complimentory about EMXCO and i am now pleased to see my enthusiasm being vindicated

If your business is not using EMXCO messages already you must ask the question why not? And then get started and become part of the solution rather than a reducing part of the problem   

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