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Question for the Finextra Community?

A couple of weeks ago a Community member asked other members to respond to his blog with their insights for an article he was researching. If only there was a section within the Finextra Community where he could have asked that question....

[fanfare of trumpets]

We've added a new content area to Finextra's Community portal: Finextra Community Q&A.

[/fanfare of trumpets]

This is a new area of the site in which we invite Community Members to pose questions and hopefully receive some intelligent responses from the Community.

We're hoping that the Q&A will become a valuable knowledge base/repository for the Community. A little "Value-Added" feature.

Once the Q&A gets established we'll be adding some further features to it so that we will inclide a panel to see who are the "Top 5 Finextra Community Experts" based upon their number of responses.

Where do you find this repository? Within the Community Portal there's a new tab in the Left Hand Menu called, "Finextra Q&A" this will take you to a landing page where you can:

1. Add a new question, and
2. Read the latest Questions posed to the community

We hope that you'll find this latest addition most useful!


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