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Misys plans app store for BankFusion core banking package

Core banking vendor Misys is planning to license its next-generation BankFusion platform to third party developers in an effort to promote the product as an industry tool.

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Misys and apps stores: the innovation platform

Banks' availability of apps stores is one of the ten trends that we predicted for 2010 in our annual January subscriber research report. Our analysts envision it working like this: a bank customer selects a new app(lication) from a tech-leading bank, available in fully tested and malware-free form in a site maintained by the bank. The app might be available for free or moderate fee, but would always add more value to the customer's banking experience due to the inventive software offering from the third party developer. Many banks and tech vendors are lagging in the customer account and identity controls that are necessary to build trust and grow market share. Perhaps apps stores will help banks gain a competitive edge by partnering for greater innovation. 


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