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Dexia Bank streams live rock concerts in its banner ads

Dexia Bank has launched in 2009 one of the most innovative initiative in the Financial industry: “Axion Banner Concerts”. Their affiliate Axion bank streamed rock concerts within the frames of traditional banner ads. Axion bank is also an innovative concept as it is a whole separate bank to exclusively targeting customers in the 12-25 age bracket (Gen-Y).

Some information about this promotion:

  • The winning band has been selected by means of an online contest among 25 different bands
  • Each band performed live on a specially-constructed sound stage that was exactly the same proportions as traditional internet banner ads
  • Each performance was filmed and streamed onto popular websites or social networks
  • Winner selected by the public by visiting a dedicated microsite
  • Axion supported the Banner Concert series with a mix of media, including emails, an ad on MTV, and by spreading posters in music stores, CD shops, bars and restaurants.

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