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The resilience of modern infrastructure

I've made a mental note in future to check the weather forecast before taking a day off although today's deluge does bring back nostalgic memories of windswept childhood holidays, somewhere in Wales with it raining sideways.

Interestingly the BBC weather site and Metcheck are both down at the time of writing - both displaying errors along the lines of "500-13 Web server too busy".

Whether this is to do with the weather I know not. It's currently darker than a total eclipse and visibility is about ten metres. No flooding here fortunately but it's thundering, tipping down and the gutters and drains are all showing "500-13 Drainage facility too busy".   

Also for good measure the Vodafone network seems to be down, at least in Tooting. My phone offers me 999 calls only or no network. I know I have a landline but since I only use it for Broadband I'm not sure I still have a phone. I suppose I could pop out and buy one - if it ever stops raining. Enjoy the summer while it lasts.

UPDATED 14:00. Just ventured out and Tooting is flooded. They're brushing water out of the shops and the tube is shut. I abandoned my day trip and went for a walk instead!


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