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So it's been 5 years since I was working with my dear friends at Cyota (since acquired by RSA Security) whereby we introduced the world's first anti-phishing takedown service.


On reflection, I'm simply astonished as to how this topic has become a mainstream conversation that most generations are able to to describe, and communicate as to how this hole in the web is able to socially work it's [black] magic amongst the lives of the rich & famous, the ordinary Internet user, and the fruits of the cyber criminal's relentless efforts and ingenious innovation continues to line their pockets


For some, it has almost become - dare I say it - boring? and simply the cost of doing business for many organisations, and we might soon have a collections dialer queue for call centre agents to call suspect victims looking to weed out the genuine victim or some opportunistic first party silver surfing fraudster saying they've been subject to a spear phish attack due to a zero day vulnerability inappropriately patched by Microsoft to fix their upgrade to Windows 7 so "go to speak to them about getting your money back!".


So where are we heading in the next 5 years??


Well I'd like to point us in the direction of IBM’s Kris Lovejoy, Director of Corporate Security Strategy, who used the phrase 'security functionality must be baked into the architecture and the development process', and I'd like to think that until Security becomes part of the DNA make up of e-business architectural design we'll continue plugging holes with tactical changes and initiatives to keep the cost centre of e-crime below the radar of impacting shareholder profits and dividends.







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