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IT is blindingly apparent how to compete in the big bad world of investment banking (stinking).

I don't suppose I'll be getting too many investment offers but to tell you the truth their money stinks to high heaven.

I expect that a full FBI investigation into a lot of those fancy investment products would uncover a mass of bribed local officials, fund managers and others if this is anything to go by...

There was a guy called Morgan - a pirate. Any relations still in the banking business? - he would be proud.

It certainly is a smelly industry and I sense an odour wafting around government.

This does not bode well.

I'd put that recovery off at least a decade, if ever. Asta la vista America.

The shareholders don't have any questions about handing tens of  millions over and foregoing hundreds of millions in fees?

End of days isn't it.


On the malware and snake-oil front the best results I've seen for current anti-virus programs is a fail all around. I suppose my standards are high - I expect them to actually remove the malware and restore the registry settings. Having websites blocked, odd host file entries and error messages, random files left behind etc doesn't really qualify. Nine out of ten is just like nine doors locked but one left wide open. Its open.

The core of the issue as to why we have so much malware (apart from all those governments testing their own in cyber war simulations and wanting to get their own herds of bots lined up) is the way financial institutions conduct their customer's business. Data everywhere, kid stuff to steal money. It might be only a small percentage but it's enough to fund a lot of little wars isn't it?

It seems hardly worthwhile having financial institutions or governments try and protect data, they probably don't actually have any left that hasn't already been stolen.


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