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Crossing The Darwinian Line

I found an article in The Times just now that I thought was somewhat unsettling. For those of you that do not want to wade through the entire article, here is the crux of the issue:

“Thanks to a new Big Brother-style gadget being adopted by American companies — and coming to Britain early next year — bosses can measure exactly how many calories you are burning in a day and compare the data with ‘performance benchmarks’.

In other words: staying in shape might soon become as important as getting to the office on time.”

Just where is the line now between private and professional life?

However, I do like the idea that users may be able to buy cheaper insurance and I do understand the needs of monitoring activity from a business perspective. I just do not like the idea of it being so invasive.

Never has the concept of “survival of the fittest” seemed more appropriate.



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