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BADvertising To Go Privacy To Rule

While the amounts of data which have been collected on your personal internet activities will provide research fodder for marketers into the next decade the practise is soon to come to an end. Investors are abandoning BT firms faster than legislation to ban it can be drafted. "Given the trend in 'Do Not Call' lists, who would rationally invest many resources in the next unauthorized intrusion technology?" - Robert Viney from Interactive Commerce Solutions.

The US Congress will also consider the proposal to make internet cookies 'opt-in' rather than by default.

The beginning of a better internet. If you want to be tracked - opt in. Just don't expect everyone else to.

Next for a little accountability.

We need to have people held accountable for web based misdeeds as much as in the physical world and that means having the means to reliably know who to hold responsible for illegal actions whilst providing anonymity to protect freedom of speech and expression.

We also need to create a web of trust so we can use it to properly build community on a global scale. That isn't to say we should be looking at one world government or even laws, apart from basic human rights, but we should have a way to express a view on a global issue.

The environment and issues which cross borders like the oceans and it's creatures - require a form of democracy without borders.

The web and mobiles can provide that.

Its all going according to plan.


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