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Fight fraud, keep customers loyal

29 July 2009  |  2045 views  |  0

Card fraud is undoubtedly a global problem, and one that financial institutions around the world do already take seriously. However, it is well-documented that fraudulent attacks have the potential to affect customer loyalty, and this reiterates just how important it is to protect customers from fraud and to make sure when fraud does happen that they handle it quickly, effectively and easily, so the customer is not put out. Clearly, a number of challenges still exist which prevent banks from doing this at the moment. The siloed nature of fraud departments is the most obvious and ongoing obstacle that hinders banks’ abilities to tackle fraud efficiently. What’s more, with fraudsters adapting their techniques from one payment channel to the next, the detection techniques banks are using are also unable to keep up with these fast-moving criminals. Banks therefore need to look at the current structure of their fraud departments and re-evaluate their anti-fraud strategy to incorporate proven fraud prevention tools combined with proven fraud management techniques. Only then, can they truly win the fight against fraudsters and re-inject confidence in their customers.

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