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European Court of Justice Has Brain Failure

The EU court has erred, in fact had a complete brain snap.

11 word snippets or quotes are copyright infringement? (that's only 8)

Hows this for copyright infringement?

Once upon a time in a land far far away there....

Want to make some money? Simply (copy)write a book with every possible combination of words in it and you're on the gravy train to sue every newspaper ever printed. It's a wonder google hasn't done it.

Seriously folks, this ruling is lunacy. If perchance you notice a story about me in a paper, prey don't snip a few words out either side of my name. copy and print them (or write them I suppose) to send to me so I can check out the paper, you could end up in court on copyright infringement.

I'm certainly glad I don't have those particular individuals judging anything for me.

I can only suggest that we abandon newspapers altogether and get with the 21st century and leave them back in 1920. Historically they've generally been peddlers of propaganda rather than original thought anyway, certainly about anything that matters like human life, wars, corruption....

If I had a dollar for every article spawned from what I have written under my various linguistically modified nom-de plumes....

Time to stick it up them. Call up and cancel your subscription.

The only way we can have any sanity on this is make a big noise. Don't bother writing a letter to the editor.

Save the trees. Forget newspapers.




If you would like to get on the copyright gravy train this site is very useful to see if newspapers are 'stealing' your words.


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