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Bye-bye Bangkok

So, the Temenos Client forum is over for another year. It has been an informative couple of days with some interesting discussions about where banking is going and how technology vendors can react.  

From what I’ve heard, it is no coincidence that Temenos chose to come to Bangkok this year. Bart Narter from Celent highlighted the rapid rate of change in banking in this part of the world. He seemed impressed by the confidence Asian banks are showing in their approach to technology and willingness to wipe the slate clean and start again with their core banking systems.

This contrasts sharply with the cautious, incremental, approach of the American institutions. The result, says Narter, is that Asian banks are leapfrogging their US counterparts and lead the way in efficient and innovative use of technology.

Temenos CEO, Andreas Andreades, tells me that this bold approach means that banks in Asia are particularly good in the front office with the best customer relationship management in the world. 

In America, Andreades says that the vendor has given itself 12 months to get the ball rolling and start to sign up clients. So we should have an idea of how successful the Metavante tie up will prove by the time of next year’s forum, which, we now know, will be held in Rome.

Right, that's enough banking, I'm off to do some sightseeing.


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