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Want to save 1 billion litres of gasoline?

Well that is easy - just ask the average European to act so that 2 litres less is used - a year. Should not be difficult - and one could in the same go throw in other fossile fuels and CO2 generation (80% of energy being fossile based in the world) - again not meaning much to the average person.

But that is also the dilemma - as so little money and CO2 is saved per person or per SME.  "My contribution is so small - I might as well go on as before..." And when almost everyone is reasoning in this way nothing is achieved. This phenomena is well known also from change resistance generally - one example being e-invoicing migration programs.

As our challenges are so serious and cannot be solved without virtually everyone changing their behavior it should be very obvious that we now need resolute leadership. We cannot afford powerplay with populism or empty political promises - we can only afford clear powerful messages and easily impopular acts to achieve real changes in the mass markets. Clinging to the past has never been a good strategy anyway.

Listening - just now - to Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt speaking at Almedal I feel that at least he is very clear - basically promising blood, sweat and tears - but also potential for new economic growth - on the road to a sustainable environment policy. Sweden has a lot on on their EU Presidency plate. Let us hope that their efforts will be brave and widely supported.


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