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Online ID interoperability initiative launched

A new initiative has been launched by a group of tech firms, including Oracle and PayPal, to promote interoperability among identity verification applications and services for Internet users.

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Online Identity Interoperability : A Chain of Denial

This august group of heavy hitters should be able to solve the problems of identity in a flash.

I wish them the best of luck, but I foresee another 'noble' failure.

They do at least have some credibility with the admission that biometrics are 'bumometrics'.

Perhaps they have spent the last year reading my blog? They may well be as informed as Finextra readers. Perhaps there is hope. Hmm. I think Obama got all mine.

I am left with what I know in my heart of hearts...

If I've been wrong so far, surely someone out of the hundreds of thousands of very bright Finextra readers would have pointed it out.

Why aren't the banks doing something like this? I seem to remember an 8 figure budget being bandied about in Australian banking circles with some joint effort they gestated. I haven't heard anything about the birth yet, I don't suppose they've spent the $40 million already?

There are only a few problems with interoperability of this nature, security is like a chain, and the whole solution will be only as strong as it's weakest link (as the participants furtively look around at each other). I haven't seen an actual link that works yet so that chain is going to be somewhat problematic.

There is another issue with the web companies seeking the solution and setting the standards on privacy for consumers - those consumer privacy interests are the antithesis of the average web company's goals.

I have called for co-operation and getting together, but I don't think this group is worth the $100 personal membership fee, let alone the corporate one. Still, with all that budget from all those $15,000 memberships they are bound to have at least as much success as the Anti Phishing Working Group.

That's about where I see it going, but there's nothing like an impudent roaster to get you up to the challenge is there?


p.s. I haven't been writing so much lately, and felt I'd had enough of demolishing spin and warning about the plethora of slippery snake oil.

I have been occupied with something to do with Mobile ID.

I have also been doing some live radio work, the transport reports, for the government on Sydney radio. My lovely other half does most of them but I fill in here and there while she assists Sydney's finest. Perhaps I am ready for some podcasts? I must remember to mention the concept of safe, easy, low cost mobile ticketing and ID to the transport people...

I also have a new brand name and concept I'd like to put past readers soon, it could be fun, and it possibly defines interoperabil-ID.

(that's not the brand by the way, I'm not that subtle. Perhaps a prize* for guessing?







*2 bottes of 2008 LittleKingTree Simply Shiraz?

Steve Liles is not allowed to enter - or give the answer to anyone else. And no Chris they're not your bottles, yours are coming.

****.**/mybank - perhaps a single interface into all of your accounts without the need for PINS or passwords? Is that interopabilID?



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