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The Final Countdown

On the flight back to London from another successful EBAday ( I had the closing video sound track in my head. We aptly selected Europe’s Final Countdown as anyone involved with SEPA will appreciate that the final countdown is well and truly on. Two days later I still had the Final Countdown rocking in my head so I decided to download it from itunes. This is when I had a stroke of genius – if everyone involved with EBAday were to download the same song (legally) and told all their friends to do the same then we could make history and have The Final Countdown again at number one in multiple countries across Europe. Why? I hear you say – well, if we’re successful it would really help to raise the profile of SEPA not only amongst the banking community but in the public domain as well and that kind of coverage, as any PR guru will tell you, is priceless.

 So what you waiting for, get downloading!

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