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Sacking Auto Czars - Boo Hoo, And Bankers Too.

I see lots of commentary (on the crisis). I read some of it. Generally it makes poor reading.

I see people complain that the head of an auto maker gets fired, and they ask why the heads of the banks don't get fired.

I know the answer with the automaker. I spent a little time putting production line workers out of jobs by creating robot production lines.

A little time. It was all I could take. I don't believe the automakers I worked with had a clue about what they were doing. They were building their own bubble. A completely unsustainable business model.

They weren't selling cars, they were selling money. It became just part of the never-ending money fiasco at the cost of the environment and our children's futures.

The idea that the consumer can come up with a never-ending supply of money to update their increasingly crappily built 'dissolve when the warranty runs out' cars was as ludicrous as the banker's delusions that the supply of fools to buy CDS would never run out.

For a while the bankers and their infinite cash held up an unsustainable auto industry and the country could supposedly afford to have the government occasionally subsidise it, after all they were running on a never-ending supply of tax dollars weren't they?

Well the money dried up. The hand-outs are over. The fools driving the auto industry have a lot to answer for, economically and enviromentally.

They deserve the sack.

I was appalled at the level of intelligence displayed by the fancy suited shonksters selling our kids down the river. Yes the public didn't get forced to buy those cars, but there sure was a lot of behavioural marketing and coercion applied at least until the point the herd instinct took over.

The auto industry either knew their incompetent strategies were unsustainable, or were complete idiots, but the bail-outs and bonuses kept coming and the salesmen ruled the roost so they marched ever onwards to the point where tremendous resources were wasted just so those salesmen could get another bonus.

Sack 'em all.

Of course being the smartass that I am I knew how to fix it, but hey you can't do everything, and the delusions were too entrenched.

As for the bankers, well someone's head has to roll even if it is the fool at the top who didn't have a clue. Incompetence should not be rewarded.

If you want to spot the next bubble look no further than the executive bonus structure and take your money and run.

p.s I note that there are some semi smart types out there working on electric car stations and interchangeable battery power replacement. They almost have it half right. I'm sure the idea occured to every kid who ever had a remote control battery powered toy car, so no prizes so far for that leap back to childhood. The bit that will cause them to fail is that they still have to hitch their wagons to the auto makers.  Wake up. You won't be geting my money dragging those auto makers behind you.

If you want the plot that will succeed, give me a call, and of course you're going to say "Of course, it's sooo obvious". Doh! Wakey wakey!

It's the 21st century - get on with it.


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