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Finextra Fantasy League - Round-up

So after an exciting and turbulent seven weeks, the 6 Nations has finally drawn to what can only be described as an epic close, with Ireland taking their first Grand Slam victory for 61 years (and well deserved it was too). It all came down to a nail biting finale in Cardiff where the visitors beat the defending champions Wales on their own turf in the dying moments. I was actually there on the day, and while I count myself lucky to have witnessed such an amazing game first hand, I have to admit that I did feel like crying for most of the second half! (because, I should point out, I am Welsh. Not because I'm wet)

But enough about the tournament - if you're reading this you know what happened - what we all want to know is what happened in the big game - the Finextra Fantasy League... Well, I wish I could say it was a close run thing, but alas it wasn't anything of the sort, with pole position going to Mr Alan Duerden from Green Target who won with a whopping 388 points! (a full 53 points clear of his closest rival) So good, in fact, was Mr Duerden's score that he actually finished in joint 12th position on the national league which consists of more than fifty-thousand players, just 11 points behind the overall winner!

From 2nd place down however things were a lot closer with only 32 points separating the rest of the top ten (and with a few others coming in slightly further behind - our very own Katie Crowe bringing up the rear an impressive 232 points behind first place). If anything, I'm quite glad to have been beaten by someone who did so well overall. However, it hasn't made the Welsh defeat any easier to deal with (or the ‘banter' from English supporters over the fact that having come within a minute of winning the triple crown and coming second overall in the tournament, Wales ended up finishing in 4th, with England 2nd and France 3rd)

Congratulations to you though Mr Duerden - truly a formidable Fantasy League manager - a bottle of Champagne is on it's way!

Since this is the 6 nations, here are the top 6 from the leader board:

1st - Alan Duerden. Team: We will, we will, rock you. Points: 388

2nd - Chris Darvell. Team: Men In White. Points: 335

3rd - Tom Edwards. Team: Bare-Foot RFC Points: 330

4th - Nick Hastings. Team: Dude RFC Points: 328

5th - Alan Kerr. Team: Setanta's Warriors. Points: 319

6th - Matt White. Team: I_prefer_football. Points: 315


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