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SHIFT and Woodhurst Launch Ignite to Support Fintech Founders

London - 22 May 2024 - SHIFT Open Finance, the leading invite-only fintech community in the UK, in partnership with Woodhurst, a digital transformation consultancy, proudly announces the launch of the “Ignite” programme. Ignite is an exclusive incubator programme designed to transform disruptive fintech ideas into reality with financial support, expert guidance, and extensive industry networking.

Ignite offers a tailored programme with personalised mentorship from Woodhurst’s team of specialist consultants for early-stage disruptors, focusing on:

  • Market Fit Validation: Rapid validation through early user conversations and structured testing.
  • Lean Solution Design: Efficient design of scalable solutions tailored to market needs.
  • Collaborative Launch: Hands-on support to reach customers, partners and investors.

Ignite stands out because it provides dedicated support to one programme member at a time, ensuring personalised attention and flexibility to meet each founder’s unique needs. The successful applicant will get infrastructural support including an initial cash injection, co-working space, and essential technology to kickstart their venture.

Participants will benefit from extensive network access through SHIFT and Woodhurst, enabling them to showcase their work, learn from industry leaders, as well as connect with potential investors, customers, and partners.

Fintech innovators ready to turn their concepts into reality are encouraged to apply. After the application period, the Ignite team will reach out to discuss ideas in more detail. Whilst only one applicant will be selected for the Ignite programme at a time, SHIFT remains committed to supporting the fintech industry and exploring opportunities to support all applicants.

Kyle Masterson, Head of SHIFT and Co-founder of Ignite, says: “We believe businesses are created to solve problems. This programme will support bold entrepreneurs and innovative minds to look at problems before solutions and give them the confidence to take collective action that will move finance forward.”

Ben Nadel, Co-Founder of Woodhurst and Ignite notes: “Successful fintech founder Jim Fell helped us prove the Ignite concept when we worked together to launch Credit Canary. Having taken it from idea to seed investment and now Credit Canary positively impacting the financial lives of customers. We’re hugely excited to be able to productise this approach through Ignite and truly live our purpose – enabling everyone to have access to better financial solutions.”  

About SHIFT and Woodhurst. SHIFT is a leading community of over 300 fintechs, dedicated to fostering collaboration and innovation within the UK’s financial landscape. Woodhurst is a consultancy renowned for its expertise in financial services and commitment to supporting fintech startups. Together, they offer unparalleled experience and a shared vision for the Ignite Incubator.

Apply Here by the 12th of August: Ignite Incubator Application

For more information, visit Ignite Incubator Application or contact:



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