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Turquoise joins competing platforms to develop common stock symbology

Pan-European MTF Turquoise is to join Bats, Chi-x, and Nasdaq OMX as the fourth member of an industry working group set up to develop and maintain a uniform symbology framework for European equities.

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Standards - continuation of war via other means?

Wouldn't it be nice to have everyone speak the same language? Definitely no political motive - move right along -  nothing to see here. Just trying to make sure we agree a common phrasebook. Simply giving the people access to markets in open and transparent way, and make it easy to use new shiny order management tools to route deal flow to the most appropriate venue.

Oh, what's this? LSE outage you say? Opportunity for MTFs not realised? Symbology key to future growth for alternative venues?

Now we're talking - let a thousand flowers bloom, and let standards forever be the acceptable face/barely disguised vehicle of good old fashioned competition.


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