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Facebook Makes You Stoopid

There's a certain nostalgia about connecting with old Friends. It brings us back to a simpler, simple minded way. We forget for a moment our daily tasks and deadlines. We flirt with a time that was about virility, irresponsibility and youth. The community at hand is carefree and so happy to let you know they just made a tuna sandwich.

Facebook is a trusted site where 20 something’s up to 60 something’s gather to keep tabs on each others daily activities, hard party nights and reminisce with old flames they sought out and re-friended. Some Friends we know well, others in passing -but are still happy to make the connection. We all want lots of friends (at least on Facebook).

In a lighter sense, Facebook is much of what life is or should be. It’s a place to go where you can just be you, bygones be bygones, be with the people in your past and present and hold onto memories that make up who you are.

It’s a place that is generally free of judgment, and social clicks. In Facebook the nerds hang with the cool kids, the dirtbags with the jocks and the hot chics with the geeks. Everyone is cool on Facebook.

This all adds up to a problem.

There’s a lot of excessive trust in the Facebook world. People have entirely dropped their sense of cynicism when logged on. They have no reason to distrust. People who are your “Friends” are generally those who you “know, like and trust”. In this world, your guard is as down as it will ever be. You are in the safety of your own home or office hanging with people all over the world in big cities and little towns and never have to watch your back.

All this is why Facebook is the next big mess of the Internet. Scammers are watching. They know that once they are on Facebook, your guard is way way down.

I don’t share that trust that most people have. I’m a bit more business on Facebook than others. I’m not all that Friendly. Kind of a stiff. I’m also a security dude, not so trusting. Even my cousin messaged me and said “Robby you’re all business”. I apologize to all. I’m just not ready to share my daily routine with everyone just yet. If ever.

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