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Fusion-io Will Revolutionise Many Processes - Its hot!

I admit to holding out. I see new stuff out there and immediately see the possibilities, but can't bring myself to blab immediately. Steve Wozniak (Apple founder) has gone back to work at a company I want to blab about. First I had to examine the possibilities, there are many, and even more I was tempted to keep silent. One smart bank has already put their order in so it won't be long before everyone does.

It will change everything. It is all about memory. Like a person, the more you know and more importantly can remember quickly, determines the possibilities. Computers are the same.

ioMemory makes it possible to have terabytes of near-memory-speed storage within each node - bringing extremely large memory problems and I/O bound analysis to a new level of cost effectiveness.

For instance if I were a hacker I would find just as compelling reasons as a bank to buy into this new technology. If I'm doing a brute-force password attack for instance, I need to run through an awful lot of possible passwords quickly. It takes a lot of time to read them from a disk and write them to memory. Perhaps a nice big RAID disk array for my tables or dictionary?

No. No hard drive. I'll just whack a Terabyte into my killer pc and go for it. Memory. Kapow. Faster than hard drives and 10 times cheaper than RAM. I would be flat out trying to get a Terabyte of ram into my PC.

Not anymore.

I can store my database of 200 million customers in memory, and I might even switch off the PC and it'll still be there when I switch back on. No reading it from disks or SANs.

It is a game-changer for a lot of businesses. It means that competition will be able to sprout up without anywhere near as much capital outlay. It means testing fantastically preposterous capacity levels and financial models without ridiculous outlay.

It might mean faster booting computers, faster search results, bigger databases, more reliability with the possibility of having more business processes mirrored in real-time.

If you don't know about it then you are history. There is a whole new world of possibilities.

Of course I see certain business processes suddenly becoming ridiculously cheap to provide. Transactions. Interactions. Simulations. Calculations. It is even possible to put user databases of whole countries and continents into one single PC. Or markets.

Banks could save a fortune. Of course you'll still need a SAN for audit purposes but you'll save a fortune in every other area. No wonder Woz went back to work with these guys as Chief Scientist.

It isn't the idea that is so revolutionary, it's the execution.

They haven't given me any free stuff and I don't have any shares, but I am very interested in getting some. Truth is that merely being able to buy their product should be reward enough.

Check it out and tell your IT guys - Fusion-io.


PS. Correction, it wasn't an Aussie bank first but I'd be surprised if they don't have them on their immediate horizon.


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