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Meftec 2009 an active GCC market

Manama, Bahrain hosted again the financial technologies conference and exhibiton MEFTEC, which finished yesterday. Most of the big vendors in core banking, front-office and risk management were there. As an exhibitor I saw more sellers and the same amount of financial institutions compared to last year, so now it is more hunters in the same forest.

Mobile banking was the most interesting topic at our booth, but online banking and trading were favourites as well. The banks and brokerage houses seem to be more and more educated on these topics, thanks to conferences like this. On the morning of the second conference day Chris Skinner was talking about how the online financial market changes and how it can effect banks’ online services.

When talking to banks, I learned that in 2009 they still keep their projects and priorities, but these have slowed down a bit, „they are not in a rush”. However the financial institutions are actively looking for solutions, so I would bet on this event next year too.


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