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I want my fellow travellers back

I was really stunned today by how rapidly our current financial woes have affected the real world. Just three months ago, I was in London to attend to some business matters. Then it was the usual packed flight, business class just about full.

Today I undertook the same journey. However, there was one big difference. I was the ONLY business class passenger on board the same flight on the same airline as three months ago!  It was great, checking in at the airport with absolutely no one in the business class check in line, and simply marvelous on the flight itself. Imagine having you own "private" toilet and your own cabin attendant.

But on the other hand, it was weird! No one to exchange a friendly word with and believe it or not, no one to irritate me.

From a frigid London, my only wish is that both the weather here and our economic fortunes begin to thaw sooner rather than later.

I want my fellow travelers back!   


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