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A Poster Child for 419 victims

19 January 2009  |  4583 views  |  0

This Canadian news story has provided a human face - that of a John Rempel - for the people who fall prey to 419 phishing scams.

Sadly his unbelievable gullibility (or is that stupidity) doesn't generate too much sympathy from the caring, sharing citizens of the interweb. But my reason for posting a link to this story (and I know 419 scams aren't directly a bank's responsibility) but that Rempel defines where the bar sits for banks in terms of making their services and customers secure online.

Next time I'm quick to complain that something done by a bank is clunky, or counter intuitive, I'll try and remember its probably been made that way to stop the lowest common denominator customer doing something unbelievably stupid with it.


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