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Think from a consumer’s point of view. Where would you rather shop? With a brand that doesn’t clearly outline how they handle your money or data, or one that offers a clear and secure payment solution which puts you first?

The latter option wins every time. The right payment solutions are essential not only to provide easy ways for customers to pay, but to build long-term trust with consumers and secure your brand’s position as a trustworthy operator in your chosen industry.

Senior managers of larger-sized businesses know how essential data is to fuel business growth, complement the overall business structure and turn consumers into repeat customers.

The right business payment solution can be a great way to capture and cultivate data. However, this data needs to be stored securely, and companies must be transparent in the way they store, use and share sensitive information.

Choose a business payment solution that encourages company growth

A payment solution that complements values of transparency, authenticity and convenient service is arguably one of the cornerstones of serious business growth.

This is part of the reason why PayPal is being widely adopted as a payment solution, not just by consumers but by businesses too when they offer consumers ways to pay. Security and ease of use number among PayPal’s biggest selling points, and this is part of the reason why senior managers are deciding to integrate the platform into their online checkouts.

Integration can make PayPal’s selling points – of those of other payment solutions such as Google Wallet and Apple Pay – your selling points, too. eBay, for instance, is currently receiving a backlash for splitting from PayPal and using SMS authentication, which critics say is less secure.

Learn more about how the right payment solution can consolidate consumer trust

Providing more diverse and secure online and physical customers payment options can be a key part of your overall growth strategy. However, introducing new options comes new regulations, compliance and due diligence responsibilities to consider.

Away from this, the UK is facing multiple changes to payment regulation. Throw an impending Brexit into the mix, and it can be understandable why senior managers may be cautious and frankly a bit overwhelmed at the prospect of introducing new payment services to grow their business.

The benefits of evolving your payment systems far outweigh any negatives, though. What’s more, by partnering with the right payment provider, you can build a strong relationship with a company that understands your customer needs, the evolving payments landscape and issues of regulation and compliance. This will leave you and your team with more time to focus on growing the business and building better relationships with your customers.


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