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iPhone 2.2 - now with Google street view

21 November 2008  |  1837 views  |  0

ITunes informed me this morning that an update was available for the iPhone, so I thought I'd give it  a go. There are a number of improvements listed to various apps - Mail and Safari for example - and in theory fewer dropped calls.

Google maps has got some useful new features - you can tap the Share Location button to send an email that includes a Google Maps URL. It also now has Street View - and it's a hoot on a touch screen interface. Quite how useful Street View is I'm not sure but it's fun.

In the apps store I also noticed the Koi Pond app has been updated and now features a "holiday" mode, complete with fish with red noses and antlers and of course twinkling Xmas lights.

If you're an iPhone user and never want to get any work done again - I also heartily recommend Missile Command - the classic game updated - and Bloom, by Brian Eno and Peter Chilvers. Bloom generates interactive, ambient and rather lovely music simply by randomly tapping the screen.

Marvellous. Genuinely innovative and fun to use stuff.

Such a shame my bank doesn't take it seriously.

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