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Vista slow to boot up? You could always sue your employer

The first thing I do when I get to work is switch my PC on. I then go and make a cup of tea and usually on my return it's ready to do something useful. 

It seems I am fortunate.

Workers in some major US companies are finding slow boot times with Vista a real problem. The PC effectively clocks them in when they log in - and they can't do that until they've waited around for the machine to boot up. They've calculated they are losing up to two hours a week thanks to waiting for Vista to boot up - and then presumably the timesheet software to load etc.

Precisely why Vista is singled out for blame here isn't clear, perhaps the PCs weren't quite up to running it. Mind you any flavour of Windows machine will grind to a halt if it doesn't have enough RAM, isn't de-fragged etc. Quite often just thirty quid spent on new RAM and it's like having a new machine. In fact there are a few things you can do for free to speed the average PC up - but that's another blog post I suspect.

Anyway - the upshot of all this is a set of lawsuits against companies by disgruntled staff claiming unpaid overtime. Crikey.

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