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Is Discord Marketing for Crypto Products an Efficient Strategy?

With the advent of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, we are slowly learning that blockchains are a disruptive innovation and can be utilized in more fields. This later became true with decentralized finance (DeFi) and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and their applications. Although these have been around for a while, a large proportion of the world’s population has no idea about what cryptos actually mean and how they could disrupt some conventional methods for good. To make people realize that promoting your product needs a marketing strategy aimed at instant messaging applications such as Discord as it is easier to reach individuals and maintain a rapport with them both as customers and enthusiasts.

Why Discord?

A community platform with its own perks, Discord was initially the hub for gamers, then which became a hub for crypto enthusiasts as well. Apart from being a regular messaging platform, Discord offers some unique features such as servers, channels, and bots. Servers are like groups on other social media that contain channels where people discuss various topics on different chat windows. These channels, apart from preventing clutter on the chat window, also make it easier for people to interact and follow up with people with similar interests. Bots are programmable software on Discord that can initiate conversations, put up games and even answer customer queries, according to the customization done.

Marketing NFTs on Discord

One can market their various NFT products on Discord easily, as there is huge patronage for NFTs among the Discord community. Discord also gains its prominence due to restrictions imposed by social media giants like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter pertaining to NFT marketing. You can also gather attention to your NFT products by participating in various servers, as well as by managing your own server. Either way, you can yield gains if you are not unnecessarily spamming on the platform while employing subtle marketing tactics can benefit you.

As a hub for gamers, Discord still has its gaming community up and running and it would only get better for you if you have an  NFT game that needs to be advertised. Discord can prove to be the best starter to promote your NFT game as there are both gamers and NFT enthusiasts present on the platform and even a fair amount of gamers know the potential of non-fungible tokens.

Marketing Cryptocurrencies and Related Applications on Discord

As a result of restrictions on discussing and promoting cryptocurrencies on prominent social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, there has been a massive influx of crypto enthusiasts and evangelists on Discord due to its unique features. Also, the limit on the number of members that could be on a server is very high, which makes things easier for the crypto business owners. Now, businesses can market their cryptocurrency easily, and they can even hold contests and giveaways to promote their cryptocurrency coins. It is worth noting that most cryptocurrency sites feature a Discord server in their contact session, which emphasizes the importance of Discord in the cryptocurrency domain.

Naturally with the arrival of different cryptocurrencies, comes the difficulty of exchanging those coins for another cryptocurrency. Dedicated platforms solely for exchanging such coins were developed and they became popular among cryptocurrency holders as there were multiple prominent cryptos sharing the market. Still, they have Discord as an option for contact as it aids them with easier customer query resolving using bots and to easily communicate to existing and prospective customers through various channels. Likewise, you can have your own Discord server to promote your crypto exchange too, with some insights and daily updates on how the cryptocurrency world is functioning, which would benefit the customers, ultimately benefiting you.

Market Your ICO and STO Through Discord

With blockchains setting up to rule the financial world soon, ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) and STOs (Security Token Offerings) are seen as the prominent methods for new entrepreneurs to raise capital from investors. Both ICOs and STOs ensure investors that their investment would be used in a real business. For both these to be successful, marketing with a strategy is important and Discord marketing has a huge role in it. This is mainly because Discord is popular among Crypto enthusiasts, who can become potential investors for your ICO and STO.

Market Your DeFi Venture Through Discord

Today, the concept of decentralized finance has gained importance due to many problems associated with traditional finance systems. As a result, there are many businesses that are stepping into this relatively open field in finance. DeFi Exchanges) are mainly used for Initial Dex Offerings (IDOs), where budding entrepreneurs gather funds through them. As DeFi is still a gray area in terms of knowledge and regulations, it is essential to promote your DeFi venture through platforms like Discord where you can both educate your members as well as promote your venture. You can also have separate channels for resolving customer queries and releasing regular updates relevant to your business.

Market Your Launchpad Through Discord

In the world of blockchain applications such as NFTs, launchpads play an important role in serving the main process of minting and marketing the tokens. These launchpads are beneficial to budding creators as the gas fee associated with minting and marketing the NFT tokens through normal means costs a lot for them. Apart from serving such creators, launchpads have also benefited businesses concentrating on Initial Dex Offerings (IDOs) and Initial Game Offerings (IGOs). As there are multiple launchpad platforms working currently, marketing your launchpad to the intended users is a necessity and there is not a better way than utilizing Discord for the purpose. Discord’s user base, which mostly consists of Crypto enthusiasts and gamers, would be the ideal platform to get a huge reach for your launchpad applicable to any crypto product.

So, What Should I Do Next?

If you have read until here and have decided to utilize the powerful features of Discord for marketing your crypto products, that is a great move! Even though all these tactics might sound overwhelming, you never need to worry if you hire an agency with expertise in marketing using Discord and also have extensive knowledge of the ever-growing crypto world. Such a company would assist you with marketing on Discord for any crypto product – whether it be an NFT, a cryptocurrency or even an IDO. With a lot of experience in the technical aspects and with some creative minds, such a firm would promote your work to the wider crypto community on Discord flawlessly. 


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