17 October 2017
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After hours

After hours

A place to share your insider knowledge of the best places to unwind where you live or work. Everything from cafes, bars, pubs and restaurants through to galleries, venues and events.

Share your favourite after hours haunts with us!

17 November 2008  |  2705 views  |  0

Can it really be that long since I posted my first blog - this review of the Black Friar?

Apparently so - not far off two years! How time flies when you're having fun.

Well we've been threatening to rename the London food and drink group for some time - so I've finally done it.

Welcome to AFTER HOURS - a revived and rejuvenated group with an extended remit, reflecting Finextra's global community.

It's basically a place to blog about any places you think might appeal to community members visiting your town or city. It could be a pub hidden away down a dodgy alley in London - it could be a groovy art venue in Seattle. It could be an event. Anything (within reason).

So... join the group now and please blog about any interesting pubs, cafes, bars, restaurants, or events around your part of the world. One blog post per venue would be best if possible.

It should be interesting. Personally I have high hopes of finding somewhere in London with a real fire for these chill winter recession evenings.

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