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Top 7 MetaTrader 4/5 White Label Providers in 2022

Choosing the right MT4 or MT5 white label supplier for your new FX brokerage requires careful consideration. For the sake of your business and your wallet, it is imperative that you properly evaluate all of your alternatives before launching an FX trading business.

You can count on this evaluation to help you go through all of your alternatives when it comes to finding a forex white label provider with the expertise and experience needed to make an informed decision. To help you choose the best MT4/MT5 white label partner for your new FX brokerage, we'll go over some helpful ideas in today's article and offer you the list of top MetaTrader 4/5 providers for cooperating in 2022.


What is White Label MetaTrader?

Without the need for you to design your own trading platform, you may start a brokerage firm using a White Label solution. All of the benefits of owning the whole platform are still available when using a white label platform, but you will not have to spend as much money or deal with as many technical concerns as you would if you used a full server. Finally, if you want to start a competitive forex brokerage, you might consider developing a WL solution for MetaTrader 4/5.

Introducing Brokers and professional FX brokers may use the white label programs for MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 to set up their own forex brokerages. The white label program provides back-office assistance in addition to the essential tools. This solution is equally well-suited to newbies to the market and more established, seasoned participants since it meets the needs of brokers of varying levels of skill.

An effective white label solution package will eliminate any obstacles to the entrance that your brokerage may have encountered during its early stages of business. This is often the case with the suitable MT4/MT5 WL solution package. It's also accessible and affordable, which is maybe the most crucial factor.


Is White Label MetaTrader Legitimate?

A well-regulated MT4/MT5 white label provider is a good sign. An FX broker license requires a significant financial and resource commitment, making it an excellent consideration when selecting a company to trade with. Take into consideration the costs associated with operating as an authorized foreign exchange trading broker.

When it comes to an unregistered white label provider, there are a number of reasons why this might be a risk. To begin with, a licensed FXbroker is more financially safe than an unlicensed WL provider. For the second time, getting a forex broker license is a time-consuming endeavor. There are a number of reasons why FXbrokers are looking to get regulatory status in order to develop long-term, forward-thinking brokerages.


What are the Most Significant Benefits of WL Solutions?

If you're looking for an easy-to-use trading platform, MetaTrader is your best option. The first and most significant factor to consider is whether or not the MetaQuotes organization can provide you with answers. There may be a $ 200 000 price tag, which most novice traders and brokers cannot afford.

If a brokerage firm meets specific requirements, it may apply to other brokers for access to their MT trading systems, which is the second approach. Brokers with a good reputation have already made an investment in a platform and are making it available to new users under their own brand and trademark. WL solutions and maintenance are all that novice brokers have to worry about when they get started. There are no hidden charges or fees to worry about.

Here is the register of 7 top MT4/5 WL solutions providers:



You may use B2Broker's MetaTrader 4 and 5 solutions if you're attempting to improve your brokerage firm's efficiency. Professionals will set up each component to your specifications, so you won't have to worry about a thing. Competitive advantage: Forex brokers have access to strong software that gives them an edge over their competitors.

B2Broker offers a complete solution that addresses all business related aspects, provides top-notch customer support, and invests in the growth and development of employees. Trading platforms like B2Broker may be easily integrated into existing systems (B2Core, IB modules, and other effective solutions). Within 24 hours, a white label platform's functionality may be altered.


Tools for brokers (T4B)

Due to the T4B solution, new brokers will be able to operate their businesses with the least amount of capital feasible.

Using tools designed specifically for brokers, it is possible to create unique solutions that are preloaded with a variety of instruments. It is possible to add more functionality to your platform, such as plugins if you so choose. Each of the MT4 and MT5 products is specifically designed to fit the particular needs of your organization. A range of liquidity solutions and market-making approaches are also available to Forex brokers, allowing them to maximize their profits.



MT4 White Label and White Label MetaTrader 5 trading systems may be purchased via UpTrader. To receive the more popular MetaTrader 4 version, a new business must secure an UpTrader White Label, since fresh copies of the program have been unavailable for quite some time.

For MT4 and MT5 users, there is UpTrader White Label:

  • Financial markets may now be accessed on both a desktop computer and a mobile phone.

  • CFD stocks, futures contracts, indices, and metals are just some of the trading instruments that are accessible in real-time.

  • This service offers a variety of graphs and indicators.



New brokers may purchase package solutions from the Leverate, which include the MetaTrader 4 and 5 trading platforms. Along with offering legal and liquidity support, the LX Lite and LX Suite packages provide a sophisticated and in-demand trading platform. Additionally, MT4 is available as a stand-alone solution.

Among other advantages, the firm provides an integrated trading platform that comprises a back-office and mobile applications for iOS and Android smartphones. Additionally, users may contact a personal manager through Leverate's customer support department 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Match-Trade Technologies

The company's main purpose is to help FX and crypto brokers. Using an automated trading platform like MT4 or MT5 may dramatically reduce a new brokerage's start-up costs. Brokerages get fully functioning and customized trading platforms with their branding (discussed within the partnership). A wide range of instruments, fair and transparent pricing, and unique instruments can keep your company competitive in the Forex Premier League.

White Label integration for MT5 or MT4 is available in three flavors from Match-Trade Technologies. You can evaluate which bundle is best for you by comparing the starting and standard packages with the complete package.


FX Trade Tools 

Beginners may benefit from the company's branded MT4 and MT5 solutions, while business owners can make use of additional services.

MT4 accounts may be moved to other trading platforms and vice versa using interconnected migration tools. Use FXLite plugins for Metatrader platforms to completely customize the app. Plugins for MT white label solutions like Virtual Dealer and Anti Scalper are available.

FX Trade tools MT4/MT5 white label package contains:

  • Mobile, web, and desktop versions of a customized trading terminal are available.

  • MT manager - terminal and access with varying levels of privileges

  • A minimum number of trading account groups is required.



Assisting you with the initial setup of your brokerage and guaranteeing long-term success for your company is made easier using Gold-i's technological knowledge. Establishing your forex brokerage using Gold0i's WL solution for MetaTrader 4 and MT5 is simple and cost-effective.

Your MT environment may be operated more effectively with the help of third-party technology.

They provide a wide variety of services, including:

  • Training 

  • Software support 

  • Setup of MT 4 and MT 5 white label accounts


A trading platform is vital to every brokerage. Because so many brokerage firms now allow novices to participate in foreign currency markets, dealers are searching for competitive advantages. Therefore, a WL platform may help you outpace your opponents.






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