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Obama, Obama

The election of President Obama is a wonderful and historical event for the USA but also the world. The American dream is more real today than ever before. A Black President in the White House is a healing beacon of light across America that will start to bring social and cultural changes and a uniting force forever consigning racial divides to the bin.

The magnificence of the victory for Obama is a time for everyone to rejoice and it's right that we all take time out to recognise and wonder at this achievement. Barrack Obama has perhaps the toughest task of any President since the Second World War and we must not underestimate the scale of the job at hand.

The great thing about the Obama victory is the feeling of the USA mobilising its forces with a new energising force to tackle the many problems the world faces. It has been a feature of the presidential campaign that a focus was made of Obama's inexperience against the experience of McCain but in the years ahead it may well be the freshness of inexperience that will prove to be a benefit. The new president will need to assemble a strong team behind him and be resolute in taking on all the problems already lying at his feet and for all those heading his way. He can not do this on his own and we all must be wary of burdening him with over expectation.

The Obama election has a very similar feel as when President Kennedy was elected. The mood of the world changed then as it has today and in these difficult times a new hope has been kindled. We now have to wait to see what policies the new President will put in place to get the USA out of its economic problems. The impetuous gained by this resounding win should carry the USA along for a while and this time will be of great value in increasing the resolve of the American people to overcome the difficulties that lie ahead.    

The first Black President is an unbelievable moment in the history of the world and not only marks the beginning of the end of the war against racialism but it also starts the process of changing the world's economic problems. President Obama carries much responsibility on his shoulders and we must all give him the support he will need to succeed.      


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A Finextra member
A Finextra member 17 November, 2008, 18:34Be the first to give this comment the thumbs up 0 likes

Interestingly for me the issue seems not to be so much about politics as about change. The US needs to do something different in order to achieve a better outcome, and this election certainly is different in many ways. Of course the debate might be: should the UK be looking to do the same ? Whatever side of the political spectrum you sit, it does appear that such a change is becoming less desirable by the day in the UK. Perhaps it is more than a common language which divides us from our American cousins !!

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