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Innovation in Financial Services

Innovation in Financial Services

A discussion of trends in innovation management within financial institutions, and the key processes, technology and cultural shifts driving innovation.

Official: iPhone beats Crack

07 November 2008  |  2876 views  |  0

Most people know the blackberry as the crackberry due to frequent addiction, sufferers sleeping with it under their pillow was not unusual.

Now the real fun is starting with iPhone and Android coming into play and the latest study gives the iphone leadership over the blackberry.

Probably most remarkable is the fact this was achieved in just one year.

This time next year I predict - 

  • The structure of the study will change to include android (which runs on multiple hardware providers) as a separate category
  • Android will make the top 3 (certainly top 5)
  • Number of Apps available will be measured too - such as online banking - mainly as native versions - platform specific for ease of use reasons e.g. appstore on iphone, the new google equivalent etc

This outcome with the iphone is no surprise, based on analysis we did ages ago that showed iphone is simply 90+ times more effective for internet use.

So what will happen when that app is easy to use ALL integrated with (not just connected to) the internet. The Android platform will compete with the iphone on a new level because the device works with with the cloud - the google apps work with the Android phone. 

This of course creates a conundrum with the phone makers who are increasingly getting squeezed out of the business technology stack, first OS now apps - all because of end user benefits. Ironically they were best placed to leverage the new cloud (SaaS) computing approach and to deliver it but are now looking like being just a delivery point, little more.

HTC is first to launch a mobile with Android but already Bank Of America has announced mobile banking on Android and vendors tell us here at Cooper Sydney that at least three more major banks are working on it - at client request.

There is even a rumor of a new ultra safe bank being launched to address global crisis risk issues that includes these new technologies. More on this later.




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