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Telcos facilitate new trading infra

Just wanted to share this wonderful emerging trend amidst these traumatic times.

BT announced September 29th to provide managed security services for Euroclear. That includes: security monitoring capabilities to Euroclear that will allow real-time monitoring, correlation and analysis of Euroclear’s security infrastructure and critical applications. 

Ok, well there are other powerful service providers in this field. The news here is that it is a Telecom operator that has won the deal. Telcos profile in facilitating market automation is an eye-opener for me.

What else for market infrastructure? CESR says:

121 registered MTFs

92 registered markets

10 systematic internaliser

(Yes, some will die some will thrive.)

Add T2S and Euroclear activities to account for B/O consolidation.

The fact is infrastructure has changed for good. We will see new infrastructure arising from this meltdown (-facilitated by Telcos).

This is the beutiful trend. Let us build on that.

My question is: What is the role of limping, partly goverment-owned financial giants? 




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