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Call to action: help us stop modern slavery and human trafficking

We are proud to launch a new whitepaper called “Spot the Funds, Stop the Trafficking”. This paper is the cornerstone of a campaign to call on the financial services industry to actively tackle the global issue of modern slavery and human trafficking (MSHT).


Shining a light in dark corners

Slavery isn’t a thing of the past and trafficking isn’t just about people being smuggled across borders. Modern slavery and human trafficking pervade every country, affecting men, women and children of all ages and from a variety of communities. The chances are that most of us have encountered it in some form – whether we realise it or not.

The worst thing is that MSHT affects some of the most vulnerable individuals and communities, dragging people into horrific situations under the guise of working for a better life.

Written in conjunction with payments consultancy, RedCompass, this paper lays out the cold facts about this growing humanitarian issue and provides organisations in our sector with some actionable insights – including practical ways they can help to make a real difference in the fight against MSHT.


So, why is EWPN championing this initiative?

The EWPN stands for diversity, inclusion and equality - and we want to support and promote initiatives that help create a better society where people are not exploited for others’ profit. During the 2019 annual conference, EWPN we expressed our desire to mobilise the industry to combat modern day slavery and human trafficking and RedCompass gave a keynote speech on the topic. We believe that as a not-for-profit organization with the community we have built, EWPN should be at the forefront of driving change to help create an ethical and responsible industry.

The financial services industry is in a position to really make an impact on modern slavery and human trafficking – by tracking and disrupting the flow of finances that support the criminal rings behind MSHT. We have a social and moral obligation to play our part – and making a difference is not as hard as you may think. In our paper we highlight both the problems and some of the solutions that are needed to turn the tide on human trafficking.

“The financial services industry has the power to set in motion a chain of actions that can truly disrupt MSHT. But we cannot do it alone.”


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About EWPN

EWPN is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to building a community for women working finance, cards, fintech & payments in Europe. As the first and only Pan-European community for women, EWPN strives to create more opportunities for women and minorities, as well as being a champion for a more diverse and inclusive industry for all. EWPN does this by organising local networking evenings, workshops, annual events, awards and research, which all are welcome to be involved in. EWPN is 100% run by non-paid volunteers, guaranteeing that 100% revenue goes to operations and programmes implementation that serve the community.

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About RedCompass

RedCompass provides world-class technology, consulting and services to help Financial Services to accelerate their payments, financial crime and core-banking programmes. RedCompass’ experts have built a reputation for their relentless pursuit of excellence and their commitment to listen to and deliver on clients’ needs. RedCompass has also combined it’s deep payments knowledge and background in government intelligence data analytics to launch RedFlag Accelerator – a practical and free to use tool that equips FIs to detect modern slavery and human trafficking signs in their data.

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