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Barclaycard chief predicts death of plastic cards

Plastic cards could be set to go the way of cheques and become virtually obsolete as customers take up mobile and biometric systems to pay for purchases, according to Barclaycard which is ramping up i...

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Barclaycard logo saves world

Barclaycard has unveiled a new logo and visual identity. It is a break from the logos used by the bank during the last four decades, which had been designed to be seen on the traditional plastic card.

Says Anthony Jenkins, Barclaycard CEO: "Our new identity expresses where we see the future, freeing the chip on the credit card from the constraints of the plastic around it, making the way people pay for things simpler.”

The creation of a new vidual identity that will be fit for purpose in a hypothetical plastic-free future shows considerable foresight by Barclaycard, as it anticipates the arrival of new form factors driven by contactless chips.

Hurrah. For once, a visual make-over driven by sound business logic.

But there's more!

Apparently, "the new symbol depicts a world that is calm and confident on the outside, whilst warm and vibrant on the inside."

Oh dear. Trust the rebranding professionals to ruin a perfectly good PR pitch. Shame about the anodyne logo as well...

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