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An article relating to this blog post on Finextra:

Apacs talks up take-up of online card security schemes

Cardholder take-up of the MasterCard SecureCode and Verified by Visa online authentication services has increased by 600% over the past two years, according to stats from UK payments group Apacs.

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Seems I'm not the only one disturbed by Smile's approach

Interesting article here on Smile's implementation of Verified by Visa. This is from PC Pro with a contribution from reader Matthew Cunliffe.

"I was surprised when they told me they were going to register me for Verified by Visa, and that my password would be my 'memorable name' from my online account," Matthew told me, adding: "So not only is my VbV password rather insecure, it's also linked to my online account: guess one, get the other!"

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