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How can Banks can leverage Agile Data Governance for better outcomes

Now, with most data offices Governing data from distributed locations (especially from homes); are we moving away from past apprehensions that Data Governance can happen only when planned and co-located? It's possible to say -

1. Data Governance can be change-driven, with bursts of iterative outcomes

2. We can in-fact govern data in an agile way

3. Need not leave the plan-driven approach behind but can make a work-break-down that has brief outcomes

4. Though Data Governance is mostly people and process capabilities, we need not limit to direct conversations with stewards.

5. The Governance tools and workflows can come very handy now to crowd-source.

Some apsects to get started with Ahile Data Governance

a. Need not curate the entire data warehouse, for metadata. The focus can be on curating, standardizing, and enriching a few critical operational tables

b. Need not assess 1000's of data elements for data quality, The focus can be on few Critical Data where operational risk is high

c. Architecture reviews for platform governance can focus on ensuring essential coverage and availability of data for digital channels

d. Good time to pick up Master data and Reference data classification and management given the de-lineation this aspect has before operationalizing.

e. DataPrivacy and security still holds priority with distributed locations



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