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May God bless us all with strength, humility, and grace as we navigate unchartered waters. Please find a moment to watch or read the messages of Pope Francis, Mufti Ismail Menk and Iman Malaz Majanni. I found each of these to be a communication of deeply penetrating, powerful, and inspiring thoughts. My love to you and all those you love.

Join Pope Francis for Adoration, prayers, and a solemn Papal blessing for the world, live on the Vatican News website at and Facebook page at The Pope appears at the 4:20 minute mark and his words start at the 5:20 minute mark, the Pope will be speaking in Italian and Latin. Here is the link for the English text: To view the full ceremony in English, go to You Tube "pope urbi et orbi 2020 in English" Thank you.

Please my Muslim Brothers and Sisters find joy and solace in the words of Mufti Ismail Menk who speaks strongly about the difference between today’s reality of this global crisis inline with traditional ways and thinking. “Is Dua enough for Corona”

Please follow that with the insightful message of Iman Malaz Majanni titled “A Muslim’s Guide to Responding to Coronavirus”. His positive words are a step-by-step guide to proper social behavior and preparation for the future in combating the Covid-19.

Additionally, to assist in making the most out of this situation here are some things we can consider doing to enhance our lives during this unusual time:

  • Exercise - get in shape. There are lots of apps where you can do short 10-minute workouts that will keep you physically and mentally healthier. Or if permissible talk a walk around the block (practicing appropriate social distancing of course). I heard that there was a guy in France who ran a marathon from his balcony.
  • Practice, return to and rediscover your faith in your religion of choice
  • Learn a language. There are lots of apps and online courses, DVDs, etc.
  • Use the Garage Band app to awaken your musical muse
  • Do a virtual museum tour. Right now, tours of some of the world’s greatest museums are available on line. 10 of the World’s Best Museums You Can Virtually Tour Right Now - Men's Journal
  • Explore the world with google maps, trip advisor, etc. and start planning your next vacation or just explore virtually on your laptop or mobile device 
  • Host a virtual "happy hour" – “party time” set up a day and time with or without alcohol - connecting via FaceTime or on-line via Zoom
  • Read a book or better yet, read a book to a child
  • Start a blog, share your thoughts and ideas through content and build your brand
  • Become an online "influencer" - you can be relevant to your age group as well as others
  • Search and come up with a bucket list of movies and hold a daily screening. Watch again any of your all-time favorites
  • Fix whatever it is your significant other has been bugging you about FOREVER
  • Do a family game night
  • Have a conversation with someone - an actually live conversation by phone
  • Talk to your children about this crisis as they can feel your concerns
  • Set up a puzzle on a table and leave it out for everyone to add pieces to
  • Learn about something you’ve always wanted to know - cooking, wine, gardening, decorating, etc.
  • Look at old family pictures, movies
  • Hold a contest at home with your kids and award a prize for the winner
  • is there a particular skill, hobby, talent you have that can contribute during this time?
  • Most importantly make time to self-improve and seek out speakers on motivation. There are lots of apps and online courses, DVDs, etc.
  • Think of a new idea or maybe you have a good idea already, now is the time to try it, put it into action and do it.

This is a time to actively reach out in a caring way to everyone that you can by phone, email, social media, Telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. Many people will and are suffering. Our prayers go out to all those families who have been impact directly by the Covid-19 virus and have had loved ones infected.

Many more will be isolated in their homes. They will be afraid, confused, alone and have let hope or plan to go forward with. Many industries will be deeply affected.

We are very lucky as we can deliver a plan of positive action.

Please be considerate of all those you talk with. Listen to them first and hear their problems, issues, worries and concerns. You will then be able to slowly give them a plan that will set them up for success during this difficult time. We are about people helping people, please remember that, and at all times be kind to everyone.

Please share this with everyone, everywhere and spread a message of positive HOPE!

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