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Discussion forum will add value to FinExtra

Discussion forum is one of fundamental feature of any community site. This is missing at FinExtra. We could have Discussion forums at Group level.

"Connect and communicate with their peers using a private messaging" also has scope of improvement


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Paul Penrose
Paul Penrose - Finextra - London 11 September, 2008, 09:20Be the first to give this comment the thumbs up 0 likes

Hi Jay

Thanks for the feedback. If you've been following developments on Finextra over the past few months youi'll have noticed that we're undertaking a rolling programme of innovation across the site, including improved Community features. The most visible aspects of this work so far is reflected in a cleaner look and feel. Now that we're (reasonably) satisfied with the bodywork we're ready to lift up the hood and tinker around a little more with the engineering. You should see the first fruits of some of this work in the next month. It's a work in progress. So stay tuned.