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Fifty-Five IT Companies that Really Know Banking

"Automation in Banking - 2016" is a 464-page report that contains profile information on 55 bank software and services companies. I created the format to which each "vendor" responded. As a result of Mr. Zuckerberg's testimony to the Congress yesterday, I too confess that I did NOT check each fact. But I did select the companies that I wanted to appear in the report, and that should qualify as biased to any attorney who smells a rat. I call it "valued experience." Some did not accept the free invitation. They did not tell me why. Nine were acquired after publication. Combined, the 55 covered 30 applications categories that any good banker can relate to. Many did a whole lotta selling. I call that a me-too factor - "We wanna become billionaires also." Fortunately, I have been vetted by 31 blue blood regulators and passed. That just means I sleep like a baby, assuming every baby was as considerate as ours - waiting to smell the coffee before screaming bloody murder.  I like this report so much I want to hug it, but I can't. It's a PDF.


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