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Paying Attention to the Right Person Can Change Your Results as a Crypto Investor

As with many other fields, paying attention to the right people can take you quite far when trying to be a successful crypto investor. There are many influencers out there that are potentially worth following, but you obviously won’t have enough time for all of them. You’ll have to filter out the best from the others, and pay more attention to them in your daily studies.

And among the many influencers one can find on the crypto market today, Herbert Sim, known as “The Bitcoin Man”, is probably the most noteworthy and prominent one so far. He has been around for a while - since 2010, founding of Crypto Chain University, the world’s first repository for compiling blockchain and cryptocurrency research, and founding of ‘The Bitcoin Man’ to bring education of cryptocurrency mainstream; and has already made a solid impression on many experts in the field. Paying attention to his investments is a very good idea. Don’t just take our word for it though – let’s have a look at some of his most recent ventures.


Future1Exchange is a digital currency exchange operating out of Estonia, and they recently announced that Herbert Sim would be joining them as not only an investor, but also a growth advisor. Herbert managed to leverage his former experience as the chief marketing officer of Cryptology, and global operations director at Huobi, and has had his work published in multiple publications, including Forbes and Huffington.

His reputation preceded his entry into Future1Exchange, and the company obviously knew what kind of a deal they were getting when working with him. And from what we’ve seen from official reports so far, their work together seems to be going quite well for the time being.

RISE Tech Conference

At the RISE tech conference, Sim invested more than US$3 million in two separate startups. He first picked the blockchain company TaoDust and granted it US$1 million, while DIYBlockchain, dealing with Blockchain-as-a-service, got $2.5 million. Many have been speculating that Sim might have had something more special planned for the two companies judging by the size of his investments into them, but this remains nothing more than unfounded rumors so far.

Sim himself has not confirmed that he has any additional motivations in the deal, although of course he would be wise not to do so if that was indeed the case. Either way, Sim seems to be picking companies that are in a position to make changes which will impact the market as a whole. Hopefully his investments will play out properly in this regard.


Last but not least, we also have TEVEL, another recent investment of Sim’s that has gained a lot of attention around the world. The company is based in Israel and also deals with blockchain, although it’s not its primary product. The main service provided by TEVEL is a location-based social media network, but it’s also heavily backed by blockchain technology in the backend. There has been a lot of talk about the ideas proposed by the new company and their potential to change the market, but we’ll have to wait and see how things work out.

Sim was not chosen randomly to be an investor in TEVEL, as he was recognized for his strong experience in the tech industry as a whole, as well as in specific areas that are relevant to the work done at TEVEL. His role as a marketer on the global scene also did not go unnoticed, and he’s been able to successfully leverage many positive aspects of his profile for that new relationship. It will be interesting to see if this brings anything to the market in the next few months or years.

What the Future Holds

As you’re probably starting to realize, paying attention to influencers like Sim is not only beneficial to one’s success in this field – it’s going to be critical in the near future. As the field continues to expand and new horizons are explored, people will start to catch on to the importance of getting guidance from someone who knows what’s going on with that market. And people like Sim have shown multiple times that they have a good understanding of every fundamental aspect of the crypto market, enough to drive the right investments into their ventures.

To that end, anyone interested in getting involved in the crypto market should definitely pay attention to Sim or someone like him, and take notes of the ideas he’s exploring, and how exactly he approaches them. There’s a lot to learn from someone who’s seen so much in this field, particularly when it comes to how one should handle themselves in the eyes of others. There’s a reason Sim has earned himself the title of an influencer, known by many as “The Bitcoin Man”, and a Verified ‘blue tick’ public figure across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. But it did not happen overnight – it took him a lot of effort and hard work to get there, which is exactly why his words are worth so much in the current climate of the market.



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