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Optical Reading with RFID an alternative or partner solution

The subject of optical reading via Mobile Phones as an alternative or complimentary application to RFID chips and readers is practically never raised - the industry is in fact missing a hugely important business, security and access solution from secure payment to marketing and all points in between.

It's also less expensive than RFID and can be accessed anywhere around the world 24/7/365, on any printed surface or on-screen.

Most people have a mobile phone, there are more than enough phones that can, with the right program/application read secure codes and so your consumers already have the readers - printing codes is far more cost effective than chips and you can control the data behind the code. 

So whether the codes are used instead, or to compliment and bring added security, or simply for better access 'away from fixed readers' - it's a win win situation.

As we know sometimes the best, easiest and simplest solutions are so obvious you overlook them, let's not overlook Mobile Access and Interaction it 'costs less - does more'. Time to think again.



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