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Branded Incentives: Connecting Brands To People

If a business wants to improve the brand-customer relationship and build brand trust and loyalty, they need to connect with their customers. Consumers are always on the lookout for interesting and meaningful engagements with brands.


Typically, customer engagement is cultivated and driven via advertising, public relations, promotional marketing, and product design/packaging. However, companies are now turning to branded incentives, such as custom prepaid cards, to take their branding to the next level.




Branded incentives offer a unique opportunity for businesses and marketers because they enable customers to have real, in-person experiences. Branded rewards like prepaid provide a simple and safe way to engage customers and promote your brand, and also offer data, analytics, and tracking, which leads to further engagement, future marketing opportunities, and improved shopping experiences. Engaged customers will share their experiences in real-life and online on their social channels, providing your business with valuable (and free!) marketing.




1. Stand Out WIth An Eye-Catching Design

Branded prepaid cards are more than just cards with a company logo–they are a reflection of your brand. Create multiple designs catered to specific groups, events, holidays/seasons, or products to forge stronger customer connections and build up personal experiences.


2. Load The Branded Prepaid Card With Funds From The Get-Go

Reward your loyal customers with a branded card that is already loaded with funds. Even if it’s just a small amount to get them started, consumers with associate the reward–and your brand–with positive feelings from the moment they receive their reward.


3. Reloadable Cards = Repeat Rewards = Re-engagement

Open-loop prepaid cards are the fastest growing form of electronic payments. A card that can be reloaded and continuously refunded allows your customers to use their rewards over and over again, which means they will continue to connect with your brand.


4.Reward The Behaviour You Want

Customers respond better when they are rewarded for particular behaviours, as opposed to simply being handed a gift. A branded, preloaded prepaid card is the perfect reward to offer.


Branded, custom incentives like prepaid cards are a smart and creative way to drive engagement, increase loyalty, and provide meaningful experiences. Branded incentives are more than just rewards, they are the link that connects your business to your consumers. Customize your payments experience by offering a reward that your customers care about, and they, in turn, will care about you!




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