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Should Your Business Offer Branded Incentives?

Rewarding customers with money, gifts, or care packages isn’t new; companies have been using incentives for decades to drives sales, move inventory, and bring in new customers. However, often times these rewards only make a short-term impact–once the initial reward has been received, consumers have little reason to remember your brand. This is especially true for minor rewards such as discounts, rebates, or throwaway trinkets. In order to create and cultivate long-term brand loyalty and elevate the brand-customer relationship, businesses must create more personal experiences. A great way to do this is through branded prepaid cards.


What Is A Branded Prepaid Card?

A custom-branded card is a prepaid Mastercard or Visa that features the logo, colours, and style of a business, and can be custom designed to suit the individual needs of each business. The card will help make the business more recognizable and raise brand awareness. Companies can issue prepaid cards for rewards, incentives, giveaways, rebates, and more.


Unlock engagement with a branded incentive.


Why Businesses Are Choosing Custom Prepaid Card Designs

Branding is an essential part of growing your business and raising awareness for your products and services. Branded prepaid cards are a fast, secure, affordable, and effective way for your company to offer value to your consumers and end users.


A custom-branded prepaid Mastercard or Visa offer the following advantages:

  • Drive engagement and customer acquisition with a reward that stands out
  • Easily and effectively track and manage disbursements, from where the money is sent, to what was purchased, to when purchases were made
  • Streamline and maximize the effectiveness of employee rewards, sales incentives, and more
  • Brand your consumer shopping experiences
  • Market your company in a secure and transparent way
  • Full control of processes, from start to finish
  • Improve business expense management


When Should My Business Offer A Branded Prepaid Card?

Branded cards are an effective way to quickly and efficiently distribute funds, are highly visible at the point of redemption, and are recognized as a valued gift by the majority of consumers. Custom-branded prepaid cards are flexible, easy to use, and suit a wide variety of business needs, such as:


Everyone likes rewards, but it’s also important that consumers actually remember who gave them these rewards! Branded incentives connect brands to people. From rebate programs and sales incentives to market research payments and aid disbursements, branded incentives help grow connections and relationships with valued customers and businesses alike. Forge relationships that matter and grow a loyal consumer base with branded incentives.



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