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Barclays' moral compass

Barclays seems to have no problem dealing with the Mugabe regime in Zimbabwe, just as it was happy in apartheid South Africa.

It's apparently content with its culture of targets and bonuses, even if this does encourage desperate staff to routinely mis-sell and lie to customers.

So where does the bank draw the line?

Well, according to Financial News online, Barclays Wealth is withdrawing its branding from the British Masters Invitational show jumping event at Chester racecourse after the sport's governing body upset the bank's sensibilities.

What could these horse loving stalwarts of middle England have possibly done to put Mugabe's efforts in the shade?

The British Show Jumping Association had the cheek to publish some saucy photos of a couple of young riders in a desperate attempt to sex up the sport's image.

And that's not in line with Barclays Wealth's "diversity principles".


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