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An article relating to this blog post on Finextra:

Oz credit union to perform 'PC healthchecks' at point of log-in

Australian credit union BCU is to perform security healthchecks on customer computers before they bank online, using technology provided by security outfit TrustDefender.

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Bank puts user PCs into quarantine

Australian credit union BCU has taken a novel approach to online banking security by scanning customer PCs at the point of log-in for security weaknesses.

Given Pete's rather scary post yesterday on the amount of time it takes for an unpatched Windows PC to be compromised simply by being connected to the Internet, BCU's actions make perfect sense. After all, you wouldn't allow just anyone to test-drive your prized Bugatti car until you'd performed a few basic checks on their qualifications.

The TrustDefender solution from BCU is good for peace-of-mind, but will it compromise the user experience by slowing down the log-in? Perhaps someone from BCU can enlighten us as to how this might work in practice.


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