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iWorried for a bit there

I know - steer clear of anything with 2.0 in the title.

Fool that I am, I decided to install the tempting new phone software that iTunes offered me. I retired to put the kettle on - as is tradition with Apple software updates.

Not this time. The new firmware appeared to install ok but then failed to connect to the iTunes store to activate itself.

So - I appeared to have an iBroken iPhone. Still I could call 999. And had I read this earlier - I'd have steered well clear for another few days. Mr Skinner - you may laugh out loud now at my foolish early adoption.

iLaughable indeed. 

Anyway - I tried again a bit later and all appears to be well now. Clearly Apple's servers were a tad overloaded by the demand. Perhaps next time they'll plan for this? 


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